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Welcome to FLY TCI’s e-foiling! It’s all about having a blast on the water while keeping safety in check.

Our e-foiling equipment is safe and easy to use, whether you’re just starting out or already know your way around a board. We’re all about making sure you have a great time safely.

Waiver Form

Safety Acknowledgement and Waiver

Before you dive into the water with us, we require all participants to complete our waiver form. This process is crucial for your safety and understanding of the activity. Please take a moment to read and acknowledge the waiver, ensuring a well-informed and secure experience.

Ready to get started? Access the waiver form below.

Waiver Form

Enhance your understanding by watching our comprehensive safety overview video below.

Understanding the Risks

  1. Risk of Death: While extremely rare, understanding this risk is vital. We employ rigorous safety protocols to minimize dangers.

  2. Risk of Lacerations/Loss of Appendages: Proper technique and awareness reduce these risks. Safety gear is a must.

  3. Risk of Loss of Hearing or Sight: Uncommon, yet possible. We advise protective measures at all times.

  4. Risk of Drowning: Non-swimmers must inform instructors beforehand. Life jackets are provided and mandatory.
  5. Risk of Head Injury: Helmets are essential and provided to all participants.

  6. Risk from Marine Wildlife: Respect local marine life. We educate on co-existing safely.

For more details, visit our FAQ Page.

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