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TCI’s Unforgettable
E-Foil Surfing Rentals and Lessons

Ready to fly above the crystal clear ocean waters in beautiful Turks and Caicos? FLY TCI’s full-scale service will get you riding in no time.

Surfing Above The Water Is Now Possible

E-Foil Rental On Turks and Caicos Island

No Waves, No Wind, No Problem!
Explore Turks and Caicos in a whole new way. E-Foil boards allow riders to surf effortlessly across the surface of the water, with no need for waves.

Most people look forward to walking on the white sandy beaches when booking a trip to the Turks and Caicos Islands. But for TCI visitors who prefer a bit of adventure, FLY TCI EFoil Rentals and EFoil lessons ought to be at the top of your list in Providenciales.

First-Time Rider Rental + Lesson

*First-time customer of FLY TCI, regardless of E-Foil experience

$250.00 per Board per Hour

Includes First-time Rider/Introduction Lesson for 1.5 Hours.

*Up to three riders per instructor, an additional $50 for groups greater than three riders. Group discounts are available for 4 of more Riders!
*All pricing is subject to 12% government tax.

Board rental includes 60 minutes on the water with an instructor + 30 minutes of dryland beach instruction and safety briefing before the on-water portion!

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EFoil Rentals

What Experience do You Need to Ride an EFoil Board?

The unique (and completely electric) hydrofoil experience can accommodate a range of age groups; no prior experience is required to try flying on the water. EFoil rental is a must-try activity on the Turks and Caicos Islands — it’s an activity that is easy to pick up, with a quick learning curve for all ages.

Partnered with the original creator of the E-Foil, Lift Foils, we work with two different-sized boards and three wing sizes to accommodate all ages, sizes and skill levels. Lift E-Foils are completely electric, making E-Foiling an eco-friendly water sport, producing a zero-negative impact on surrounding marine life and the ecosystem.

Surfers, Kitesurfers, Wakeboarders

Does Surfing, Kitesurfing, or Other Boardsports Experience Help?

E-Foiling is the perfect activity for the surfer when there are no waves, for the kitesurfer when there's no wind, or for the wakesurfer with no boat! E-Foil’s smooth movements are similar to deep snow snowboarding and a similar sensation to surfing rather than jet boarding.
Whether you are a complete beginner, or an experienced E-Foil board rider, you can experience any adventure that suits you with an all-electric, quiet motor that glides through any body of water. The E-Foil experience is an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family, as well as solo travellers and surfers alike.

About Us

What Do You Need To Get Started?

What Should I Wear for my EFoil Lessons?
What Equipment will be provided?

When arriving at the FLY TCI locations, our instructors ensure that riders are fitted with all necessary safety items including water shoes, and briefed on safety, etiquette, and importantly, how to control the Lift E Foil. Otherwise, wear anything that you would feel comfortable moving in the water, a comfortable and well-fitting bathing suit, or optional swim shirt to protect from the sun is always encouraged. Avoid baggy clothing or anything that can hinder or restrict your movement in the water. We provide a comprehensive website that informs guests of any other necessities that riders can bring along, including reef-safe sunscreen and a well-secured bathing suit for the lesson.

FLY TCI ensures that all safety gear (including a life vest and helmet) are provided to ensure a safe EFoil experience. The EFoil boards that we utilize are state of the art LIFT 3 and LIFT 3 F from our partners at Lift Foils, the inventor of the eFoil. Our SURF TCI and FLY TCI team of amazing instructors are ever present and helpful throughout the EFoil adventure to ensure our guests get the most out their EFoiling experience and everyone gets to fly on their first visit! We look to provide top of the line equipment for you to safely enjoy your E-Foil lessons and overall E-Foil experience.

Surf TCI Watersports

Leaders in Watersports Excursions and Instruction

Our partner, Surf TCI, is a Turks and Caicos water sports instruction and tour company with a group of talented, experienced, patient and fun instructors who will get you flying over the water in no time! Each FLY TCI lesson with our team is unique to every person to give you the freedom and support to have the best E-Foil experience suited to your skill level. The Surf TCI team stays out on the water with you throughout your lesson to help you create memories of your Turks and Caicos vacation to last a lifetime!

FLY TCI Locations

You may be wondering, where are the nearest EFoil rentals near me?

We are a mobile company so we can go to different locations in Providenciales daily depending on the tide, wind, and swell conditions. We pick our location the day before, best suited for learning and overall rider enjoyment.

We operate out of waters and beaches from Turks and Caicos from which riders launch that are shallow and calm, and protected by a small bay that does not compete with larger water vessels for space—providing a safe environment to learn how to E-Foil.

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Learn To Fly In TCI

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